Lost job can't afford school

Primary parent who once made way more than would qualify for financial aid hasn’t worked since November and has gone on unemployment. How best to go about asking school to reexamine finances. Fall semester is paid for but would they possibly review for next semester and any chance of getting some aid? It is a school that gives decent need based aid. The thing that’s weird is finances from 2 years ago were extremely high so this may look unusual. Any tips for how to handle this?

Call the FA office and ask. When we did that, they asked us to write up a specific summary of our situation. They reevaluated our case and gave our daughter more aid.


There may be a form on their webpage that you can fill out and attach the supporting document. Several schools have categories like job loss, death of parent, medical emergency and you give the current budget and the current assets and income as to how you are paying them.

Fill it out now. You may get aid for this fall too. You could also consider taking a gap year until you get the financial in place.


Contact the financial aid department at your college, and speak to an actual financial aid advisor. Find out what their process is for a special circumstances consideration…because your parent lost their job.

The college will tell you if they do these…and if so, what is required in terms of documentation.


Do what the others said but just curious are you at a public or private ? If public in or out of state.

A counselor will guide you either way.

Are you a first or second year ? Perhaps a leave and taking classes at a CC can buy you some breathing room?

Definitely see a counselor for your specific situation.