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<p>I feel a little silly that I didn't realize that this discussion was here and posted things in other colleges asking about Mcgill, but now that I know...
I've heard varying reports, some saying that McGill is a place where you can just feel the diversity, and some saying that McGill is a white campus. As people who have actually been there, can somebody give me their experience, as that's a huge factor in why I think I'm choosing McGill over Brown.
Also, does anybody here know about the Poli Sci major/IR minor thing? How is that viewed for grad schools? Is it a good program, etc?
Also #2, if I want to accept my IB credits but don't necessarily want to graduate in 3 years, can I merely use them to free up more space for study abroads, another major, and still be there for 4 years?
Those are the specific questions that I can come up with, but that's only because of my almost complete lack of knowledge about McGill.

<p>you cant choose to accept IB credits btw...your forced to </p>

<p>i am aslo in a similar situation..i dont want to graduate in 3 yrs...
not sure how it will work out...call them up or something</p>

<p>r u serious? they force you to take your IB credits? What if you want to retake something just in case? IB exams in a week!! maybe I should just stop studying now and get less than a 5, lol, jks!</p>

<p>Princeton Review has McGill at #1 for Lots of Race/Class Interaction and #7 for Diverse Student population. Brown doesn't make top 20 for either.</p>

<p>I know about the Princeton Review's ratings, but they're including Americans as internationals and therefore diversity. That's a 10% bump that I don't think really reflects "diversity". (Come on, we're basically the same country)</p>

<p>McGill is MUCH more diverse than Brown.
I worked at Brown for a year- its student population is certainly not diverse... very nice people though (my favorite student body of the Ivy's)
Anyway, McGill has the largest international student body population of any school in N.America.<br>
In Regards to IB credit- I don't think they force you to accept your credit- you could just choose not to send it to them1</p>

<p>oh. and yes americans do make up a large portion of the international population- but the school still beats any other school in international population from elsewhere- if you want to check out the country breakdown of current students go here: <a href="http://www.ssmu.mcgill.ca/misn/citizenships2005.pdf%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.ssmu.mcgill.ca/misn/citizenships2005.pdf&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>