Lots of Ws and Fs on my Transcript

So, I moved to the states in 2011 and had only one semester to get my H.S Diploma. Which I ended up getting after taking around 20 classes in that semester. Waited 6 months to attend a Community College and started off at Orange Coast College in Spring of 2012.

I was working full-time and taking around 15 units at the time. Getting closer to the end of the semester I had to drop most of those classes and ended up with a D in Calc 1. The pattern continued as I couldn’t find balance between work and school along with having a hard time settling in as a Muslim Immigrant even though I’m not even religious.

By Fall 2019 I had quit work and left everything else behind to focus on school. I ended up achieving a 3.54 GPA so far in Computer Science transfer courses. I did put 3 G.E classes on P/NP to get them out of the way. I’m taking Data Structures, Linear Algebra and Differential Equations in Spring 2021

Planning to transfer to UC Riverside since it’s easier to get in compared to other schools around and I have most of the requirements completed. What do you guys think are my chances of getting accepted?

Ws dont typically work against you and you should be able replace your Fs if you retake them.

This should help you with the GPA threshold at UCR by major.

You should be able to get Academic Renewal for any Ds, Fs and C- grades. You need to go to the CCC in question and see their policy. There is a time frame and new GPA needed, plus each CCC has its own rules. For instance, one may say you can only choose so many semesters and the entire semester grades will be erased (including any As) or some will let you cherry pick the courses you want to remove.

It’s ok. I failed 6 classes at my community college, but I retook most of them and I had like 16 or more W’s on my official transcript before transferring. But I still managed to get into CSULB, CSULA, CSUDH and UCR for fall 2021! :rofl::rofl::rofl: