Louisiana College Early Action for Fall 2022 Admission

Louisiana College offers Early Action for freshman admissions.

The Early Action (EA) deadline for Fall 2022 admission at Louisiana College is not in our system. If you know it, feel free to edit this post and add the date!.

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My daughter was accepted on 10/14. The decision was listed in her portal and then a follow up letter came in the mail a few weeks later. She has not received any information regarding scholarships or merit awards and the only option in her portal is to accept and pay enrollment fee or withdraw acceptance. Has anyone else encountered this? Just seems strange that you would have to pay an enrollment fee in order to see if any financial aid is awarded :woman_shrugging:

My daughter Rex early accepted and said it looked like had to pay deposit to find out merit.

I found something on the Admitted Students portion of their website, way at the bottom below the “next steps” area that says something like “April 1 - comprehensive aid package given”. It’s above the May 1 enrollment deposit reminder. But I am not sure if that includes scholarship info, or is only financial aid. That would be pretty late for scholarship notifications I would think. And I’m not sure if you only receive that package if you place an enrollment deposit. I would think it would be pretty unusual to not notify applicants of scholarships unless the applicant has deposited. I’ve actually never heard of that before.

I emailed our regional AO this afternoon asking to clarify the process. So far no response, so we will see if they get back to me. I will update here if I find out any info.


DS applied 12-10, accepted 12-16. He received an email to check his portal, the acceptance letter was there. Very surprised that he heard within a week of applying! No word on scholarships yet.