LOUSY sat subject scores, ADVICE NEEDED!

I registered for Literature and Physics,
honestly did not study and took both with raw.</p>

<p>I took literature first and it was a piece of cake although time was a problem. For Lit I think i'll get at least 760</p>

<p>But Physics, my god did i screw up. out of the 75 questions I answered about 20, marked about 30, left everything else blank. I take International Baccalaureate Physics Higher Level and for IB students get a 12-page formula booklet, idiotically I did not have ANY of the equations memorized by heart except the really obvious ones.. this will probably be around 400 at best.</p>

<p>After the Physics test I freaked out because only one acceptable subject score obviously won't be good - So I took Math I; my proctor and the head proctor of the testing center said that you could still take a third test and pay for it when the scores come out. Math I i did not find hard at all, answered all 50 and marked all confidently, even had 10 minutes left over and checked some of the tricky questions.</p>


<p>1) Am I allowed to select which scores to send from these three tests (taken on the same day)?</p>

<p>2) Is it possible to cancel only the physics test while still getting Lit and Math I marked?</p>

<p>3) My SAT reasoning superscore is 2190. GPA, ECs, course load, Letters, Essays are all reasonably stellar for the schools i'm applying to: Amherst, Williams, UPenn, Ann Arbor, Brown, NYU, Tufts, Vassar, Stanford. I'm taking the reasoning test again in December, and am studying for this (one of the reasons i didn't study for the subjects was because i was spending all my weekends on studying for the SAT reasoning). If the physics score cannot be solely excluded, will these subject scores hurt my chances? I'm pretty sure a 400 on a subject will not look good at all. Should I just refrain from sending any subject scores at all?</p>

<p>Thanks, eagerly waiting for replies!</p>

<p>When you send SAT scores from a particular sitting, you must send in all the scores from that sitting. If you cancel a score from a particular sitting, all the scores from that sitting will be cancelled. Thus, you can't send you Lit/Math I scores and at the same time withdraw your physics score.</p>

<p>If you have the opportunity to retake, I suggest you retake the physics SAT II. If you achieve a good score, you can send it in with the older Lit,Math and Physics scores. The colleges will see your low physics score, but they will count only the higher one.</p>

<p>If you don't have the opportunity to retake, then just send in what you have and hope for the best. </p>


<p>This is what I know... (The first question I don't know)
1. Most private colleges dont take Math I into consideration because like everybody can get really high schores. (but sending it along with Math II is probably fine) (but I don't think they will even pay that much attention on Math ! though)
2. If you wanna cancle 1 test when you took 3 in the same day, it's not possible (I don't know why but they said this....poor collegeboard system)</p>


<p>any more advice please?</p>