Love Academics Hate the Life or Love the Life Dissapointed in Academics???

<p>Well, all I can say is I'm completely confused about what to do. I'm looking to go pre-med and my choices have boiled down to oberlin or cal poly. I also got into Willamette, Lewis and Clark, and Puget Sound with money, but I wasn't able to visit them. So here's the conundrum: </p>

<p>Oberlin has the great academics especially with science, as they recently completed a huge new science complex. And they have the good reputation with graduate schools. But, the problem is there seems to be no social life whatsoever. I stayed in the dorms with a host and there was absolutely nothing going on on a friday night. And there didn't seem to be very many just average, normal people like myself. He even told me some stories about the Oberlin social life (or lack thereof). He said that when you come to Oberlin don't expect very much partying whatsoever, and that he's had to lower his standards for girls. He said "you start to see the girls here as really hot, but that's just because you've been on this campus so long. Once you get off campus you're like what was I thinking?" Plus the weather sucks too...</p>

<p>Cal Poly on the other hand has the great social life. When I visited there were all these parties, everyone had something fun to do, the girls were gorgeous, etc. My older friends who go there are having the time of their lives. But, the problem here is that I was really dissappointed in their science department (and i think thats a pretty big problem for going pre-med?). Pretty much the labs seemed shoddy, the teachers weren't too enthused and even stated that biology definitely takes a back burner at the campus. This seems like it would hurt my pre-med chances. Our tour guide even told us a short story about the Dean of the Math and Sciences college son was rejected at med school 2 years in a row, and kept coming back to cal poly for another year until he finally got accepted to Irvine. That doesn't seem to bode well.</p>

<p>So, basically I do not know what to do. The college life that I'm supposed to be livin up seems to be there in force at Poly but absent at Oberlin. Then again, I need to think of academics too and in the physical sciences Oberlin seems to kill Poly. So now or the future I guess? Help me.</p>

<p>Love the Life. You spend too much time there to be dissapointed with it for the sake of a little better education (and, seriousely, in 20 years, where you graduated from will have little matter on your job)</p>

<p>Thx. Some more input?</p>