Love the school, do I have a chance? Anyone know basic information about UR?

<p>Hi Everybody. I'm a high school sophomore and I love the University of Rochester. I think that if nothing changes drastically I'll apply there ED. Does anyone know if I'd have a chance?</p>

<p>Also, does anyone know anything that's possibly not so desirable about the school, or general info that I wouldn't be able to get off the website (like any insight from current students)? If possible that would be appreciated as well.</p>

<p>PSAT - 68 V 64 M 66 W
GPA - (from freshman year) UW: 94.125 W: 96.50
We don't rank, but I know I'm at least in the top 10%, possibly top 5%.</p>

Honors Global History 1 (90)
French (they only offer honors in 11th grade, and then AP) (99)
Earth Science (90) 92 on the regents
Honors Accelerated Math AB (I'm from NY) (88) 90 on the regents
Honors English (94)
String Orchestra (third chair cello) (97)
chorus (96)
Honors Independent Research (100)</p>

<p>10th: (grades are from the first quarter.)
Honors Global Hist II (91)
French (103)
Honors Biology (92)
Honors Accelerated Chemistry (92)
Honors English (97)
Orchestra (96)
Honors Accelerated Math B (84)
Honors Independent Research (99)
11th and 12th will contain EMT, AP US History, AP French, AP Bio, AP Chem, AP Calc, Honors Anatomy and Physiology, AP Lit, AP Comp, AP Eco/Gov, and Honors Independent Research among others.</p>

<p>ECs and Awards:
Varsity Winter Track (9-12) captain 10th, expected 11-12 also
Varsity Cross Country (10-12)
Varsity Spring Track (9-12) probably captain 11-12
Note: I won't run in college, so that doesn't really matter.
Volunteering at a local hospital, many hours (10-12)
Research projects through school's independent research program. Plan to study at SUNY Stonybrook completing polymer research during the summers of 10-12th grades.
peer leader
peer mediator
spent summer of 9th grade completing research at Touro College of Health Sciences
Scholar Athlete (expected 9-12)
Placed 4th Nationally in the AATF National French Contest
Placed highest in school in the AMC 10 for freshmen
best in class awards for French, English.</p>

<p>I greatly appreciate your input</p>

<p>I'm no current student, but as a prospective applicant I have been researching Rochester and had an interview already so I know some stuff about it. It's basically been downsizing for the past few years and gotten more selective though they're still obsessed with yield and "demonstrated interest" from prospective students.</p>

<p>I too love most of what Rochester has to offer, but the main concerns (as read in the student paper) appear to be a lack of name recognition, the "safety school" stigma, and the cold, cold winters. </p>

<p>You look to be on-track academics-wise for Rochester...I had the same PSAT score my soph. year too. I think the key for you will be to demonstrate your interest as much as possible when it comes time to apply and really impress on them how much you love the school. I may got up there for a visit sometime soon, so I might be able to bring back more info.</p>

<p>One of my sons attends Eastman and takes classes most semesters on the main campus. Other son applied but decided to go elsewhere. The campus is very nice. It is right beside a river. It is in a more residential area and there is not a lot of shopping or stores nearby but there are buses to get you downtown or to various shopping areas pretty easily. My sense is that the students who attend pretty much like it. Rochester is not the greatest city on earth, but my son has warmed up to it over time. He has mostly taken classes in the Poli Sci department and finds the profs there to be fantastic.</p>

<p>Your stats seem to be fine.</p>

<p>thanks for your help guys!</p>

<p>I loved UR as well.... Excellent school, great campus... I can just imagine myself up there... Even better, I still want to keep up with music and since I would be able to receive free lessons from Eastman, it's another plus....</p>

<p>Wait, free lessons? They never told me about that.</p>

<p>Yup...... :)</p>

<p>If I get accepted I want to go to Eastman to have a lesson and take a picture of myself with an instructor and then send it to my current band director and say... "Ha! Beat this" (Because I am horrible... :) )</p>

<p>Here's a nice write up of campus impressions on a another thread:</p>

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<p>Yeah, i got accepted ED, and there is one thing that i noticed immediately from the accepted students forum that UR set up on the, and that was that there was a sense of community, where all the students seemed to get along and it was an eclectic atmosphere. Lots of diversity is being stressed, and it seems the students are all joking around and laughing/having fun. They all seem to love it there, and thats one reason i chose the school, as everyone is happy on campus!!
---if you just want to talk and ask questions in specifics feel free to im me at timurmd.</p>

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<p>another thread that has a good deal of information especially on the academic aspects of UR</p>