Loved it

<p>I visited H'ford today and although I missed the formal tour, my friend and I just loved it. Penn was too big, and Swarthmore was too geeky (although the campus itself was gorgeous). We got to talk to this senior, and we really learned a lot from her. It's just so much more laid back than Swarthmore and people there are...normal! Don't get me wrong, there were plenty of normal kids at Swarthmore but for the most part (in the class we visited) the students were really awkward and quirky. I just felt more at home in Haverford: the atmosphere was incredibly cozy and friendly. I'll definitely be applying in the fall.</p>

<p>that's EXACTLY what made me choose haverford over swarthmore. (although i was waitlisted at swat, i ultimately chose not to stay on the alternate list.) swarthmore kids, in addition to being "too geeky", seemed very .. pretentious. haverford kids are just as bright, but more humble. one of the haverford professors called me, i guess before admissions knew that i would be attending, and we were talking about the two schools. she said she knew a student from haverford and one from swat who both took the same challenging class. the swarthmore student complained about it, saying it was really difficult and he had to spend about 20 hours a week on it. the haverford student said that it was pretty rough, but he was handling it fairly well and spent about 10 hours a week on it. when the professor i spoke to asked the professor of the class about the two kids, he said that they both spent about 15 hours a week on the class.</p>

<p>by the way, haverford really makes you feel really guilty with the whole honor code thing.. if you want to remain on the waitlist for another school you have to CALL them an ask for an extension.</p>