Loving vs. Virginia; 40 Years Later

<p>40 Years ago have passed and it's hard to believe that such laws ever existed in 20th century America. A unanimous Supreme Court decision.</p>

<p>40 years ago Today, June 12, 1967.</p>


<p>When I first learned of this case I wondered -- and have never stumbled upon an answer (though I haven't looked very hard) -- did this case prompt the 1970s tourism slogan: Virginia is for Lovers?</p>

<p>In the late 1990s, the State of South Carolina voted to amend its state constitution to strike the language that's prohibited by Loving. It was a formality since the language had no legal effect. Still, voters amended the state constitution by a mere 60-40 vote.</p>

<p>So, when it came time for South Carolina voters to vote on whether to add a constitutional amendment prohibiting gay marriage, you had to figure that the "YES" votes were starting off with 40% of the voting base and only had to persuade another 10% + 1 to find gay marriage to be distinguishable and offensive...and that shift (and then some) happens instantaneously, the moment you open up the Holy Bible to the "Book of Leviticus." I sort of admired the Quixotic fight waged by those who opposed the "gay marriage" amendment.</p>

<p>But most of all, in the context of gay marriage, I've mostly thought how the Loving decision -- in retrospect -- never did tear apart the social fabric of the nation and precipitate the downfall of society as many no doubt feared at the time.</p>

<p>Thanks for the "This Day In History" note!</p>

<p>Next they'll legalize marriage with animals! Slippery slope! Worse than that, marriage involving bankers! WWJD?</p>