Low 3.0 Applying For MEng/MS Engineering Programs

<p>I keep hearing that research is more essential for prospective doctoral students. However, that should not discount its value in master's programs right? I will be doing research related to my discipline full-time for 2 years. Does research experience have any value for those applying to programs such as MEng or MS? I'm assuming that it would just be looked upon positively as work experience? Or would I need to accumulate experience in industry? </p>

<p>Also, if one were to have a low 3.0 GPA, how could one go about improving his/her application for competitive (top 10, 20) MEng/MS programs? Assuming a stellar statement of purpose, quantitative GRE's & recommendations, would it be more beneficial to take graduate level courses as a non-degree special student and excel in them or build work experience? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!</p>

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