Low CR score, help

<p>Dear all, </p>

<p>I took the SAT twice, got an 1760 the first and 2040 (cr 570, M 790 w 680) the second. I really really want to take it again, but i m afraid that a non-drastic improvement in CR - (are there any tips to improve CR? ) would jeopardise my credibility. also, would the first 1760 reduce my chances of admission? </p>


<p>Wow I'm Jealous of your Math score. We have the opposite problem. I always struggled to get math up and had to prepare alot for my 690, but with Critical reading I didnt prepare much at all and got a 750. </p>

<p>I think the most important thing for critical reading is just to read alot without even thinking of the SAT.
But if you dont have one already one of those books with practice SAT tests could help (like Princeton review's Cracking the SAT).<br>
Also if you are having trouble finishing in time a speed reading book could help. </p>

<p>For taking the actual test...</p>

<p>On the large passage ones...
I BRIEFLY skim the whole passage then go to the questions and find the ones about the beginning of the passage and answer them first, then do the questions about the middle of the passage, then do the ones about the end, and then the ones about the passage as a whole. (some people dont like skimming the passage first but I feel like it helps. Take some practice ones and see what you like best)</p>

<p>I also read with my finger or pencil as a pacer, and I feel like that helps me.</p>

<p>Just spoke with DS' tutor this am. He has same issue - great on M, only 570 on CR. She said he should go over vocabulary words (she provided) every day and read the NY Times every day. It is at a high reading level (12th grade) and the articles are longer than our more local paper. She said it will help get DS better at reading/understanding long passages.</p>

<p>I can't vouch for this, but it's the advice we got today.</p>