low cumulative but ascending GPA

<p>Would a low cumulative GPA kill, even if you have an ascending GPA?
I first came to the States in 9th grade and had a rough start, but I managed to get back on my feet. Although our school doesn't calculate GPA, I think it currently looks like this:</p>

<p>frosh: 3.0
soph: 3.3
junior: 3.9</p>

<p>cumulative is around 3.4, and although we don't do class rank either, it'll probably put me around 25%.</p>

<p>What's your question? Will you be admitted to a college? Of course -- you're a solid student. The real question is what types of colleges are good choices for you.</p>

<p>I think colleges should also take into account that fact that you didn't come to the US until 9th grade, especially if English is your second language. Maybe write an essay about it?</p>

<p>colleghappy: sound advice but my thinking is that the OP will be applying to mostly colleges that will only evaluate GPA and scores. Only the tippy top schools are concerned with essays or immigration history. Most other schools only look at metrics.</p>

<p>i'm looking into ivies and others.</p>

<p>my question is: can my academic rigor and high GPA during junior senior year overshadow my poor grades during my underclassmen years?</p>

<p>Not at ivies.</p>

<p>^^ Unfortunately, I have to agree.</p>

<p>that is unfortunate to hear, but I'll still try my best to get admitted. thanks.</p>

<p>Tackdizzle: your improvement is admirable. It looks like you'll have a very successful collegiate career. I'm an alum recruiter/interviewer for an HYP college. At info sessions, I ask students and families this question: "Do your teachers and administrators consider you to be one of the top (handful) academics in the school this year? If so, then you're a viable candidate."</p>

<p>The implication is that if one isn't widely held by the staff and faculty to be one of those tippy top students, then admission to my alma mater is nigh impossible.</p>

<p>A culmlative 3.4GPA puts you several std deviations from the median Ivy accept. Sorry.</p>