Low EFC, Expectations for Financial Aid?

<p>I have a pretty low EFC i think (less than 5K). Does anyone know what kind of fin aid i can expect at these schools?</p>

Penn State

<p>Which schools are the stingiest? which are the most generous?</p>

<p>That depends on your Profile. Most of those schools-- except perhaps for Penn State-- probably go by Profile. Do you have a noncustodial parent with $? Do your parents have a house in which they have a lot of equity? That will change my answer but if the answer to both of these are no, you will do well at any school that meets full need like the ivies. Off the top of my head, Penn State probably doesn't meet full need unless you qualify for merit scholarship-- especially if you're out of state. So, if you don't have a noncustodial parent with $ and your parents don't have home equity, you will probably do better in the private schools. If you do have a noncustodial parent with $ or substantial home equity, you might end up doing better at a FAFSA only school. Hopefully, someone can link you to the calculator and you can compare how you might do with each method. </p>

<p>Some schools have no loans. I am pretty sure Harvard</p>