Low GPA admits?

<p>I have a 3.35 UW GPA and a 4.0 UC weighted GPA, and I'm wondering how often people with my stats get in. My test scores are very high -- 1510/2250, two 800s for SAT IIs, all 5s on 5 AP tests, but I heard that UCLA's all about GPA. Just based on my stats and assuming that my ECs and essays are excellent, how good/bad of a chance do I have of admission? I know it's a bad time to be thinking about this but I just need to ease my nerves a little and get a better of idea of what to expect in March. </p>

<p>Also, did I calculate my UC GPA correctly? Because there's a huge discrepancy between the weighted and unweighted. </p>

<p>Sophomore year: 5 Bs, 1 A (orchestra)
Junior year: 3 Bs, 3 As (including orchestra)</p>

<p>Took 1 AP sophomore year, and 3 APs junior year.</p>

<p>I seem to calculate a 3.67 W UC GPA.
No mistake in applying, but admission is a toss up. Be prepared to expect either result.
Are you an out of state applicant?</p>

<p>But don't I get 8 honors points because 4 AP classes = 8 SEMESTERS of credit? Just wondering, but I could be wrong. And yeah I'm OOS and full pay. IDK if that'll help much</p>

<p>The main reason why I asked if you were OOS was because most California high schools calculate UC GPA for you. I think you do have a better chance of being admitted as OOS because of the applicant pool (less people out of state applying) and because you'd be giving the school more money so you're more desirable.</p>

<p>I calculated your GPA this way (let me know if something isn't clear)
-I am assuming that you got the same grades the first and second semester-</p>

<p>5B = 5x3 = 15 grade points
1A = 1x4 = 4</p>

<p>3B = 3x3 = 9
3A = 3x4 = 12</p>

<p>Sum of the above points = 15 + 4 + 9 + 12 = 40
Multiply by 2 semesters in each year = 40x2 = 80
Add in 8 points for AP = 80 + 8 = 88</p>

<p>Divide by total number of classes (6 classes each semester, totaling 24) = 88/24 = 3.67</p>

<p>So that's how I got 3.67. I hope I didn't miss something.</p>

<p>Thanks for replying. I plugged my stats into this calculator: </p>

<p>CaliforniaColleges.edu</a> - Calculating Your GPA</p>

<p>with 4 in the "A" category, 8 in the "B" category, and 8 in the honors category, and I got 4.0. Is this correct?</p>

<p>Wrong. You have 24 semesters (or equivalent) of coursework. Assuming your grade was the same in each semester, you have 8 As, 16 Bs, and 8 bonus GPA points for AP course. That translates to a 3.33 unweighted and 3.67 weighted.</p>

<p>Oh now I get it...</p>

<p>Time to kiss any hope of getting into UCLA goodbye T_T</p>