Low GPA Biomedical engineering masters/ PhD admissions how do I do it?

Hi! I just graduated in may with a B.S in materials science engineering and Biomedical engineering. My plan was to do a one year integrated masters program where I did my undergrad but my gpa was too low for the cutoff (2.7 cumulative) and that was the only real reason I was not accepted but now I’m not sure how to proceed. I have to go to grad school and my end goal is a PhD. I know I am not a desirable candidate but for my first two years of undergrad I did not have accommodations for my mental health issues and was not able to get treatment for most of college. I also had undiagnosed adhd and was only able to get a diagnosis and medication right before finals senior year. I worked 20-30 hours a week all through undergrad on top of being a double major and struggling with severe anxiety and depression but I am in treatment now and I know I am capable of much more with the tools I need. My bme program gpa was over 3.0 and my last three semesters of undergrad I had a gpa of with over a 3.0 for each semester. The classes I performed the worst in were math classes and physics but I want to go into tissue engineering so I’m not really sure how I can improve myself as a graduate school candidate. What classes can I take? What kinds of jobs should I try to work while I preparing for this and how can I find those?

Right now I am working as a lab technician in architectural coatings so not related to bme, somewhat materials science but not what I want to do at all. It’s only a 6 month contract.

Graduate school has been my goal and dream since I was little but I really had a ton of obstacles in my life that have made my journey more difficult.

I know this is long so I appreciate anyone who reads this and responds.

This is generic but you start picking ABET colleges that may allow low GPAs. Here’s a college, not engineering list that does. Start looking school by school. What will you do this year. Work experience will help a lot. Schools will often waive a GPA requirement so get a job for two years. . Your work during school will help and it sounds like your first two years were lesser and that will help.

Look to private schools Florida Tech. Do lots of research. Your dean may have guidance. Call these schools. You may need to go online

But work experience will be your best friend.