low GPA chance. Which school should I apply?

<p>Hey guys
Now It is my 4th quarter in college. My GPA is really low
Around 2.8 to 2.9 by the end of Fall quarter
transferable GPA 2.9 or 3.0 I don't know yet.
major GPA around 3.2
Which UCs and CSUs should I apply to?
My major is electrical and computer engineering</p>

<p>Well, the minimum to apply is a 2.8 I believe. So schools that you are likely to make it into are UC merced, riverside, santa cruz. I would apply to some other ones as well, davis, irvine, santa, barbra. The only schools in which you may have extreme difficulty getting in are san diego, LA, and Cal. As for CSUs, you have a pretty good shot. I have a friend who had around a 2.8 in CS and still was able to make it into Cal-poly.</p>

<p>Oh, I forgot to add, are you a CCC student? It makes all the difference.</p>

<p>Im an international student by the way.</p>

<p>which CSus is easy to get in but good in engineering?</p>

<p>calpoly... its a really good school for engineering. but its pretty competitive if you go in declared as engineering.. correct me if im wrong. </p>

<p>slo (san luis obispo) also is a good school for engineering..but this one is really difficult to get in. some say its even harder than some UCs.</p>

<p>what do u mean by going in declared as engineering? Can we undeclared our major when we apply to?</p>