Low GPA Competitive Test Scores

So my highschool career was not nearly as good as it could of been. I attended a school since first grade until the end of freshman year ; academics were not important to most kids. I moved to a different city before my sophomore year. This new school was very competitive, and in return I became competitive.
Freshman: 3.583
Sophomore: 3.778
Junior: 4.824
ACT: 33 without studying, I can increase to a 34 at least.
SAT: Took the new SAT, expecting above a 1500 hopefully.
PSAT: Top 99th (not much in my school)
I’m an officer of an academic club that has attended a nation conference and will be president at the end of my junior year. I’ve interned at two hospitals so far in my two summers, and I am involved in other clubs and in National Honors Society. I know Ivy Leagues are out of my reach. I want to go into medicine. What are my chances at other competitive schools in the nation? Like WashU, Johns Hopkins, U of M, UC Berkeley, Rice, NYU, Northwestern? My grades are lacking but have a huge upward trend. Did 5AP’s junior year. And I’m involved in clubs and other activities. Can someone explain with details of my chances and/or have any tips or helpful insight?

My stats are very similar. 33 ACT, low-side GPA but severe upward trend.

I think your ECs look good but if you could accentuate leadership in some of them better your chances will improve. Similarly, if you could come up with any other more unique ECs that help you stand out, it will help you.

You are a competitive applicant for sure, nobody is going to throw you away based on numbers. You really gotta sell yourself in the essays and what you pursue outside school in case you are on the border at some schools.

If you continue to excel Junior/Senior year you have a chance, esp at schools that don’t count Freshman Year, like UC berkley and maybe even… Stanford, if you have the EC’s to match it. An Ivy league is not completely out of reach though especially consedering that 4.824 Junior year.