Low GPA, decent SAT

I have an unweighted GPA of 3.7 (lots of Bs in freshman but all As in math/science courses). My SAT is 2280 and SAT subject test, Math II: 800 and Chem 800. Had 4 AP in junior (Physic1, Cal BC, Stat, Chem , all 5) and taking 5 AP this year plus Multivariable college course. Do I have a chance for Duke and CMU CS?

Appreciate honest feedback

What are your ECs?
Any hooks? Nationality? How does your school scale? WGPA?

Great test scores, though. I’d say with good ECs and a great WGPA CMU should be a match. Duke is a toss up, but who knows?

Depending on your ECs
You may have a chance at ED to Duke
Match/High Match at CMU- its way more competitive than people think.

Worked in university at computer dep. for the past two summer, got two good rec. made website for charity, debate, music band, First generation, middle eastern, WGPA 4.25.

I thought CMU is CS is harder to get than Duke?

Personally, I wouldn’t consider a 3.7 UW/4.25 weighted as “low.” Sounds like you got your act together and had an upward trend and have terrific standardized test scores and solid ECs. I don’t know the standards for CS at those schools, but I think it’s worth a try. Duke is a bit of a reach for anybody. I’d look for some additional matches to cover your bases. Good luck!

Thank you very much for the positive feedback.

Almost a 2300 SAT


this is why people make fun of this site.

Decent SAT for Duke, CMU CS

These are two reasonable reaches for you, considering your background, the MV class, etc.
Have you run the NPCs and talked about the costs of each with your parents?
What are your matches and safeties?
Have you considered UMD’s school of computer science?