Low GPA, extremely competitive high school?

<p>I'm currently a junior and will be posting stats below. Notre Dame is my dream school, but I don't know if I'm a good applicant. So... I guess this is a chance thread... haha.</p>

<p>My high school is ranked top 10 in the nation by Newsweek and top 30 by U.S. News. The top 40 in my class are geniuses who have taken over 10 AP classes, which is something that I can't handle.</p>

<p>GPA: 3.71
HPA: 4.45
Rank: 63/381
AP: 10th: Human Geo (4), Physics B (dropped second semester), Calculus AB (5), US GoPo (2, retaking), Lang (2, retaking), 11th: Macro, Micro, US History, Lit, 12th: Stats, Environmental, Psychology, Calculus BC
IB: Math, English, Chemistry, Psychology, Spanish, History</p>

<p>I've gotten 2 Cs (AP Physics B and IB Spanish 3). The rest are most As and some **.</p>

<p>Haven't taken SAT yet.</p>

<p>Extra-curriculars: Tennis (6 years, not on team), Class secretary (9), SGA 2nd VP (11), Debate (9-10), Red Cross Club (9-11, President 11), MUN (11), NHS (11)</p>

<p>Volunteering: Hospital 4 hrs/week, tutoring elementary kids 6 hrs/week, going to a Chinese orphanage for 3 weeks over the summer </p>

<p>I started a project at school to put boxes in most classrooms to collect clothes for the orphans in China.</p>

<p>I am most likely going to a summer session at Notre Dame next summer.</p>

<p>No hooks.</p>

<p>I was thinking about switching schools, but quitting IB would probably make me look like a quitter who couldn't handle the college-level workload...</p>

<p>Anyone? 10char</p>

<p>Is anyone out there… lol</p>

<p>GPA is low, AP’s not great, nothing spectacular in EC’s, no leadership jumps out, would really need great SAT/ACT to get close, but not sure that would help a whole lot. Sorry.</p>

<p>Harsh on ECs sassymon. I consider your consistent volunteering and China work exceptional. It’s not easy to gain leadership positions at a competitive high school. Working hard on increasing your test scores when you take them a couple of times and doing your best. You will find a wonderful fit somewhere for the four college years. ND accepts and defers wonderful students every year.</p>

<p>Be nice!</p>

<p>I’d say harsh too! You look pretty good! Test a few times and maybe try the ACT. The Chinese orphanage is pretty interesting. I’d see what you can do with that on an essay. Work hard! Good luck!</p>

<p>@sassymom: Thanks for the input.</p>

<p>@skiermom95: Thank you! I plan to retake the US GoPo as well as the Lang exams in 2013. I will be taking 4 more AP exams and 2 IB exams before applying.</p>

<p>@Irishcali: Thank you! :)</p>

<p>Study and take SAT hope for best!</p>

<p>Keep working hard in school and on community service hours because there are many factors that go into your application! I would suggest working on your essays early and submitting them to English teachers for editing. Anything that can help improve your chances should be done starting this year!</p>

<p>I suggest working hard on the essays too. I actually think the APs look pretty good - obviously the 2’s aren’t fantastic but it seems like you’re taking plenty and challenging yourself. Definitely stay involved in all your extracurricular activities. Lots of hours and years of involvement show dedication. A great SAT score will definitely help. I would start taking practice tests too if you haven’t done so yet and even try a practice ACT maybe to see which one you like best. </p>

<p>Also, this may be a consolation, but basically I had very little leadership roles and no major awards and I still got in. I also only had four APs (I go to a small high school.) The important thing is to write great essays, getting across how much you love ND, and don’t forget to start thinking about who you want to write your recommendation! There are so many different factors they take into account so strengthen everything you can. Good luck! :)</p>

<p>I would highly suggest that you change your screen name. If ND is really your dream school, it is odd to use Duke’s mascot with your expected year of graduation. Even if your high school’s mascot happens to be Blue Devils and your team jersey number is 18, on these boards the assumption will be that Duke is your dream school.</p>

<p>A crucial aspect of the success of CC’s discussion boards is honesty. Stating that ND is your dream school while your screen name indicates otherwise lends itself to skepticism.</p>

<p>Also, it is impolite to bump twice within three hours of posting - give us at least a day or two. Hopefully you find our comments helpful.</p>

<p>@Howton: Thank you! Will do!</p>

<p>@RobbiePonce99: Thank you! Definitely going to start working on those over the summer.</p>

<p>@Silenr: The problem is that my school offers SO many AP and IB classes that only people who are in the top 15 are able to handle all of them. So yea, I’m taking as many as I can handle (on the verge of breaking though haha). Hopefully I’ll get accepted in the Summer Scholars program which will further show my sincere interest in ND. Definitely will work hard on the essays.</p>

<p>@rmldad: I highly doubt anyone of the repliers (besides you) to this thread took my screen name into account when they responded. Yes, BlueDevil18 represents Duke’s mascot and my expected year of graduation, but that doesn’t mean I am not passionate about Notre Dame. Don’t make assumptions.</p>

<p>I didn’t realize bumping my own chance thread twice was “impolite.” Sorry.</p>

<p>Don’t be so sure people don’t realize Blue Devil isn’t DUKE. I have had sons graduate from both schools and at first thought you mistakenly posted on wrong thread. It does “water-down” your passion.</p>

<p>I said in the OP that Notre Dame is my dream school, which is not a lie. I don’t really care that some people on here (I’m guessing parents - “rmlDAD”, “sassyMOM”) think that I’m not crazy about Notre Dame because I am.</p>

<p>We didn’t say that we don’t believe you. I stated that your screen name raises suspicions. There are students who pledge their undying loyalty to half a dozen schools on these boards. I did not accuse you of being one of these posters. I wanted you to be aware of the perception of someone who speaks of his passion for ND while using a name indicating an affinity for Duke.</p>

<p>You asked for our opinions. I provided mine. You’re welcome.</p>

<p>Errybody gettin’ sassy on CC. I love it</p>

<p>@rmldad: I asked for an opinion on whether you think I am a decent applicant for Notre Dame, which you clearly did not state.</p>

<p>90% of enrolled freshmen at ND have a GPA over 3.8 and are in the top 10% of their class. This would put you in a distinct minority. Since your high school is nationally ranked, your GC should be able to tell you how competitive your school has been with applicants outside the top 10% at highly competitive colleges.</p>

<p>An adcom at ND told me that most applicants have 5-7 AP classes, so you should be on target there although dropping rigorous classes like AP Physics does not help.</p>

<p>ND’s 25/75% for SAT is 1990/2260. Since your GPA is lower, you should hope for the higher end of this range.</p>

<p>Your ECs sound like you come from a family of means and thus more is expected of you. Based on this premise, your ECs are probably a bit light. I would encourage you to focus on your accomplishments in your activities instead of simply listing hours (although I realize that hours are a convenient short-hand representation on a limited board like this).</p>

<p>My experience with summer programs like ND’s is that they do not help in admissions at all, although there is considerable disagreement on this topic. A quick search would identify some lively discussions.</p>

<p>Unless your SAT scores are impressive, (or your high school has unusual sway with Admissions), your chances are likely lower than the typical applicant - ND admits roughly 20%.</p>

<p>Good luck at Notre Dame, BlueDevil18.</p>

<p>@rmldad: Thank you! Truly appreciate it.</p>