Low GPA... Good ECs/Scores

<p>School: Top 5 HS's in the nation as ranked by Wall Street Journal recently. Very competitive, to say the least.
GPA: 2.8
ACT: 29
SAT: 640-CR, 710-MA, 740-WR(11 on essay) (1350/1600… 2090/2400)
Class Rank: Not ranked
AP’s – Computer Science A - 5 and Computer Science AB - 3(taught myself because my school didn’t offer course), AP Calc AB, AP English Literature, AP English Language - 4
Essay: Excellent</p>

<p>Extracurriculars: - My resume looks like it's from someone out of college.
Eagle Scout
Volunteered on Caltech’s DARPA Grandchallenge competition robot as a systems administrator(2 years)
Web Developer – Paid job at Webligo Developments(2 years)
Web Developer – Paid job at Idealab/Snap.com Search Engine(Summer)
Teacher's Assistant for school summer program, helped with video editing,computer art,web development
JV Basketball
Programming Club – President, Founder
Started own company, made a good amount of money(called Counter-Admin, video game company, sold exclusive video game privileges with a monthly fee). Used a portion of income to invest in stock market(custodian etrade account).</p>

AP Scholar Award
Commended Student, National Merit Scholar Program</p>

<p>I plan on majoring in computer science and business.</p>

<p>Schools I have applied to:
DePaul University
University of Puget Sound
Boston University
University of Santa Clara
Northeastern University
University of Southern California
Claremont McKenna (Early Decision II)</p>

<p>I was diagnosed with ADD in middle school. This is largely the reason behind my poor GPA. My struggle with ADD is explained in the extra info section of the common app. I decided to apply EDII to Claremont McKenna because my father(an alum) always spoke highly of it, and I truly want to become a leader in business and computer science. CMC's commitment to molding leaders is what draws my interests especially. </p>

Thanks for reading.</p>

<p>Normally, with the lower GPA you'd have a problem. But considering the ADD and the great test scores, I'm sure a lot of these schools will give you a chance. Here's my best estimates given the limited information:</p>

<p>DePaul University-Safe Match
University of Puget Sound--Safe Match
UCSD/UCSB/UCB/UCSC--Sorry, but you are officially ineligible unless your apply for admission by exception or unless your test scores give you a 410 on the following scale:</p>

<p>UC</a> Admissions</p>

<p>which I think may be likely, but you didn't post your SAT II scores.</p>

<p>If you are eligible, I rate you match for UCSC, but reach for the others.</p>

<p>Boston University--Match
University of Santa Clara--Slight Reach
Northeastern University--Match
University of Southern California--Reach
Claremont McKenna (Early Decision II)--Reach</p>

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p>Woops, forgot to post my SAT II scores.</p>

<p>Math SATII - 780
English SATII - 630</p>



<p>You are eligible with yours scores, unless you are an out of state resident. You're at a 417. (For UCs.)</p>

<p>Yeah, barely qualify. I am in-state.</p>

<p>So here's what happened -</p>

<p>DePaul University - Admit
University of Puget Sound - Admit
UCSD/UCSB/UCB/UCSC - Deny(guessing because of GPA and scoring system)
Boston University -
University of Santa Clara - Waitlist
Northeastern University - Admit
University of Southern California -
Claremont McKenna (Early Decision II) - Deny</p>

<p>Predict USC and BU?</p>