Low Gpa high act Chance

<p>my gpa ranges from 2.5 to 2.8
During my senior year i can raise it to a 3.0 first semester and 3.1 2nd semester
Trying to get 34-36 my 2nd time
Took AP's and honors</p>

<p>Tons of Extracurricular activities
leadership position for 2 clubs and outside clubs
Volunteered 200+ hours
3 Team sports varsity (track,cross country and wrestling) </p>

<p>The reason for my low gpa is i had hardships during 9th and 10th grade </p>

<p>If my essay is spectacular and I get a 35 on my act which is highly possible
What are my chances for these schools</p>

<p>Northeastern- Management
Suny Bing- Management
Nyu- GS</p>

<p>Also can you recommend me of other safety/reaches colleges.
Thank You</p>

<p>also is it a good idea to ed/ea</p>

<p>please chance</p>

<p>You have a chance at each of the schools listed; however, your GPA might end up screwing you over. Try to convey your "hardships" in your essay to justify your low GPA. Also, try to elaborate more on your dedication to 3 sports to set yourself apart. ED at whichever school you are most interested in will definitely help.</p>

<p>I can't recommend any colleges for you because you haven't indicated any personality traits or career interests.</p>

<p>so your saying i have a chance at emory even though my gpa is weak</p>

<p>Also is it wise to call the admission office and ask them about my situation</p>

<p>You are not looking at these schools with a GPA that low. You would make a good transfer candidate with the solid ACT after proving you can work hard in college for a year or two.</p>

<p>i was planning to attend one of these colleges and obtain a 4.0 and transfer to cornell and gt</p>

<p>Even if my essay explained all the hardships which i overcame I still have no chance at all?</p>

<p>Honestly, I don't think you have much of a shot at Emory, BU or NYU. You do at the others, though.</p>

<p>so your saying i have a good shot at northeastern and bing</p>

<p>That is what he is saying and I agree kind of. In my opinion you have no chance at Emory BU and NYU, Northeastern is getting tougher and binghamton is also a tough school. The way I see you honestly is not good. How do you plan on going to Cornell if you can only get a 3.0 senior year. And how do you know you can only get a 3.0 and a 3.1 senior year? Thats ridiculous you can and should get a 4.0 each semester.</p>

<p>i am saying i can raise my overall by my senior year to a 3.0 or 3.2
I can easily obtain 4.0 it just i had internal problems with myself as well as other personal matters during my freshman and soph year which hurt me the most</p>

<p>Aim lower. Your GPA is too low. However, after proving yourself via a strong GPA at a lower tier school, you can attempt to transfer to a more selective college.</p>

<p>Regarding your GPA and the application process: Your acceptance/rejection decision will be based on your GPA through your junior year. Your senior year courses and grades are simply to prove that you have maintained a solid GPA while also maintaining rigor in your curriculum.</p>

<p>SUNY Binghamton--info straight from their website:</p>

<p>Average High School GPA
Mid 50%: 91-96</p>

<p>attending a low tier school wouldn't that just destroy my chances of transferring to a top 20 universities or even a top undergrad business program</p>

<p>Your GPA is low. You need to stop worrying and fretting about top 20 schools right now.</p>

<p>Your current goal should be to take a realistic approach to the college application process.</p>

<p>Take this in for size. My doctor told me that he screwed around in high school and ended up going to a dirt school in Pennsylvania, like he knew it was crap. After the he arrized at college, he realized all the people he was with were literally some of the stupidest people ever. From then on he got a 4.0 throughout all of college and ended with a 3.98. Then he went to graduate school and University of Pennsylvania.</p>

<p>Anything is possible. Just think more about undergrad instead of grad. You can't go to grad school if you don't go to undergrad</p>

<p>can anyone give me some colleges that are target for me</p>