low gpa high ACT minimal Extra Curriculars

<p>What are my chances of getting into MSU and U of M Ann Arbor?( I am about to be a senior)</p>

<p>UW GPA: 3.28
W GPA: 3.62
ACT: 31
Extra Curriculars: Math Club, Anime Club, Quiz Bowl, Physics Olympiad, Chemistry Olympiad, Robotics(next year) 30 Hours of Volunteering at the Library and 20 hours of Math tutoring.</p>

<p>Very tough for MSU, nigh impossible for UMich. </p>

<p>The competition at both is extremely high these days. You should speak w/your guidance counselor and see where others like you have applied. CMU, Grand Valley, Western, Ferris, Rochester College, UofDetroit, Oakland, EMU, Northern, Albion, U Toledo, Wayne St, U-M Dearborn, U-M Flint -- lots of options. You just happen to list two of the most difficult ones.</p>

<p>does it help that i am an Ib student with an Ib diploma who took all honors and IB classes? sorry I forgot to mention that.</p>

<p>Your school guidance counselor will be in the best situation to give you a good evaluation. Good luck to you</p>

<p>Grand Valley has beautiful dorms...</p>

<p>MSU's middle 50% ACT range is 23-28, and the average unweighted high school GPA is 3.31. I would think you have an excellent shot.</p>