Low GPA high SAT, best Undergraduate Buisness schools to look at

I am an inter-racial student at a College Prep Catholic HS. WGPA 3.4 SAT 1500, 2 AP’s APES 5 and CompSci 4. AP Stats and AP Calc Sr year. Had bad Fresman year(3.0), school did not let me take AP’s or honors in Soph year so no opportunity to drive up GPA. Junior WGPA is 3.8. 2 sport athlete, Boy Scout, Lifeguard, and good volunteer hours. Would love a top 50 Buiness school, any suggestions? SMU, GW, BU, PITT, Tulane?

Weighted GPA doesn’t mean much because every school calculates it differently. What is your unweighted GPA? That is what colleges will look at. Assuming it is still above 3, I’d say you have a chance at those schools but you still should consider them reaches. GPA is considered more important than test scores.

Thanks for repsonding UGPA is 3.1, 3.4 after Freshman year. I was hoping for GW, Pitt, Tulane, SMU.

Santa Clara? U Wi-Madison? Ohio State? U of Minn? Purdue?

Here’s a list of average SATs of some undergrad business programs: https://poetsandquantsforundergrads.com/2019/12/20/average-sat-scores-at-the-leading-business-schools/2/ It’s unclear what admission season the data comes from, but it’ll give some idea about selectivity, especially combined with acceptance rate. Too bad there’s no GPA data.

I’d make a list with a wide range from reaches to matches to safeties. If you are an underrepresented minority, that may help, though that inserts yet more uncertainty into the question of what schools may be possible for admission.

Agree with the above that those schools will be reaches, even with the great upward trend you have.

Posters will be able to give you better suggestions if you answer the following:

What is your home state?

What is your budget?

Other preferences (geography, setting, size, etc) in a college?

For now, look at U Dayton, U Denver, and TCU.

Make sure to demonstrate interest where that is considered in the admission decision. Tulane and GW do, check the others on your list.

Edited to add: Also consider IU Kelley. Direct Admit requires a 3.8 weighted GPA and 1370 SAT. You meet one of those criteria…in that case, after you apply (ASAP), fill out a petition for direct admit. The petition has a short essay, so do well on that.

Thanks!! I live in California so GPA keeps me from all decent state schools. Open to all private schools, but would prefer a state school to save come money.