Low GPA, High Scores

<p>I know this looks terrible, but my combined GPA from a college prep boarding school was a 2.9. Ouch, I know. Will the colleges actually look at the courses and their individual grades? I had straight A's and a few high B's all across the board EXCEPT for French, which was C- Freshman year and C+ Sophomore Year and Chemistry, which was a C+. Intro. Physics was a B-. Since I performed well in the rest of my classes, does that make up for those poor grades?</p>

<p>I have gotten straight A's this year, and expect to next year as well. I have taken the practice SAT and gotten over 700 in both English sections and 690 in the Math section, and I'm being tutored so that should go up as well.</p>

<p>Am I just screwed because of the Science and French?</p>

<p>dont worry about your freshman. and the C+ in soph, might hurt you a little. u arent screwed.</p>