Low GPA/High Test Scores/Rigorous Schedule?

<p>Hi, everyone! So, I'm beginning to complete my college applications, and I'm a little worried about my GPA. Weighted, it's a 3.96, but if I did my calculations right, its only a 3.14 unweighted (I got a C- in AP Chemistry my sophomore year, that's what really did me in). This is EXTREMELY low for the schools I'm applying to (Georgetown, Tulane, Cal, UCSB, UCLA, USC, University of Washington, University of San Francisco, UNC, UVA) and I'm worried its going to destroy my chances of being accepted to any of these places. I have high test scores, and I'm planning on retaking both my ACT and SAT this fall to raise them even more. My cumulative ACT is a 32 (Superscore: 36 English, 30 Math, 32 Science, 33 Reading) and my SAT is a 2040 (750 CR, 650 Writing, 640 Math). I have taken the most rigorous schedule allowed at my high school. So far, I have taken 4 AP classes (World History - 4, Chemistry - 3, Psychology - 5, Government - 3) and I'm currently enrolled in 3 more APs for my senior year (Physics, Statistics, and English). All of my other non-AP classes have been advanced classes. What are my chances of getting into the colleges I mentioned above, and what can I do to further increase the likelihood that I'll get in despite my awful GPA?</p>

<p>Hi! I am also a senior and I have started my applications. I am planning on trying for stanford and johns hopkins and based on parents who have kids attending there…they said that if your essays are very convincing and interesting, you have a pretty good chance of getting into to top rank colleges. Make sure your essays are really, really good! Pull in the college with something different and unique. Colleges are basically trying to find people who are different from the usual, so grades and GPA don’t always matter in the situation. Also, if you have good amount of extra curricular activities, I am pretty sure you have a good chance. </p>

<p>Besides, most colleges look at your unweighted GPA over your weighted, because it counts all the classes the same. and hey!!! UNC!!! chapel hill right? I am applying there too! Your ACT score is really good! You might want to work on you SAT. Wish you all the best! </p>

<p>I don’t have fantastic extracurriculars, mainly due to the fact that I’ve worked on average about 20 hours a week since the end of my sophomore year. I did do volleyball for my first three years of high school, was on Varsity soccer my freshman year, tried track and cheerleading my sophomore year, I’ve clocked in just over 30 hours volunteering at my local hospital, was a tutor briefly during sophomore year, and am a part of the student advisory council at my school.</p>

<p>Make sure you put in everything and be completely honest in your resume and in your applications. Colleges want to see some sort of longevity, so volleyball for your first three years of high school is good and being part of the student advisory council sounds really cool! Do you play any instruments or do any sort of art? Does are like bonus points for colleges. </p>

<p>Those* not Does…</p>