LOW GPA in High School, how much will that affect my transfer to UC?

<p>so pretty much i had an average of 2.0 GPA during my high school career. ...yeah i know, i was a bad boy..ish.. anyway, im at CC now, first sem here.. took bio in the summer got A. now i have just 2 classes ( chem and psych) since i dropped english (too early 8am) and didn' get into math. so yeah 6 units.. current grades are like A in psych and A maybe B in chem .. sooo.. my question is.. if i do well during my two years (maybe 2.5 years) at CC, how will myhigh school grades affect my application to uc or even to private school?</p>

<p>btw, im beefing up my units next sem.. 16-18 units GASP</p>

<p>you cant transfer unless you complete 60 units by the time you enroll @ the school. So they wont even look @ your HS transcript at all when they make their decision, it will be strictly based on your college gpa. After your decision arrives, in june-july, they will ask you to send you HS transcript to make sure you graduated from high school, but it will not affect their decision.</p>

<p>what about private schools? and what about top univs across nation? hahaha. dont worry im actually really really focusing on school.</p>

<p>for usc, you need 30 units so that they dont count your HS transcript, but you need 30 units completed before you apply , which basically means that your applying in your 2nd year just like the UCs. </p>

<p>For other schools that are out of state and most privates, you can always transfer whenever you want, but your HS transcript will always be looked @. The more units u complete, the less they look at it.</p>

<p>ahhh. ic. thanks!</p>