Low GPA. Loyola Chicago Chances?

Hi. I’m a junior from a Jesuit high school in Portland. I’m looking to double major in Journalism and Digital Media at LUC. I took a tour during the Winter and I absolutely loved it. I was wondering if anyone could give me my chances.
3.24 GPA (Unweighted)
29 ACT (Looking to get a 30)
No AP or Honors courses

Lettered Junior year in the Theatre department and lettering Senior year.
Started a Film Appreciation Club beginning of Junior year.
Ambassador of Unity (LGBT+ Community) Club.
Member of the International Thespian Society since Freshman year.
Taking an Ecuador Immersion trip for service during Spring break.
Had a job from end of Freshman year until beginning of Junior year. (Place shut down) Getting a second job at a local movie theater.
Applied for a Journalism summer program at LUC.

If I need to add any extra information please let me know. i’m legitimately anxious about getting into college 24/7. Thanks!