low GPA, medium SAT, strong EC. Chances?

<p>I am a male in Northern California.<br>
GPA- 3.8 W, 3.6 notW
SAT-1420 (700v 720 math)
Sat ii- MathIC(700) Writing(700) Literature(590-I know, it hurts me too)</p>

<p>I have really strong ECs with the focus being student and city government and I am really involved in my community. I have held down two jobs since freshman year, with an internship one summer. I am a varsity track person. My teacher Recs will be strong and personal. I have various awards and honors, but not too many national things (merit scholar, boys state etc). </p>

<p>My numer one choice is USC</p>

<p>Others are: Northwestern, Notre Dame, UC Santa Barbara, Tulane, UCLA </p>

<p>What are my chances, please? Thanks</p>

<p>USC (ED)...Very Good
Notre Dame...Good
UC--Santa Barbara...Excellent

<p>Hope you can use this.</p>

<p>What is your rank in class?</p>

<p>USC Good
Northwestern Reach
Notre Dame Small Reach
UC--Santa Barbara Very Good
Tulane Very Good
UCLA Good</p>

<p>im in top 15%</p>