Low GPA Transfer CC ->UC ->CSU

Hi All,

I was a transfer student from CC to UC in 2019. I had a 3.48 GPA at CC, but I did poorly in UC resulting in a 1.063 GPA. I am trying to transfer into the CSU system for engineering. My cumulative GPA is a 2.48 with both combined. What are my chances since I cannot go back to CC anymore?

Your chances will be dependent upon which CSU’s you are targeting for transfer and if the programs are impacted.

I am assuming you have been dismissed from the UC due to your low GPA?

Which Engineering major?

I would look at the CSU impaction matrix and select schools that are open and not impacted for Engineering.

Some suggestions would be Cal Poly Humboldt, Chico State, Bakersfield, San Francisco, Sonoma, Stanislaus.

You will also have to check about transfer unit limits for the target CSU’s especially if you have any upper division units from the UC.

This link shows overall Transfer GPA by campus and it is a few years old but it might help.

@Gumbymom I was hoping to transfer into CSULB as I am also considered a local student. Are there any other ways that I can increase my probability of transfer? Major is for EE

Did you attend a Long Beach HS then you can get priority. I have linked the transfer information for 2021 admits but with a GPA below a 3.0, you are going to have to target schools that are not impacted for Engineering. CSULB is highly impacted but definitely worth a try.

Average admitted Transfer GPA for Engineering at CSULB was 3.43 and for EE specifically it was a GPA of 3.38.



I attended a local high school in ABCUSD district.

CSUN admits transfers with 2.0 GPA local, 2.5 GPA non-local. EE is not an additionally impacted major that has higher GPA requirements.

Local is defined as having a majority of transferable units from a local community college as listed here:

CSULA lists 2.0 GPA as the minimum for EE transfers.

Local applicants are admitted with the minimum criteria, but non-local applicants are admitted competitively by GPA on a space-available basis.

Local is defined by the following: