Low GPA, what should I do?

<p>What do I do about the GPA, when applying to colleges? Because my Grades don't really show all of who I am. I also do 3 varsity sports, clubs, and lots community service.</p>

<p>I was dumb as a freshman/sophomore, and didn't retake classes I got bad grades in. And there is nothing I can do about it anymore.</p>

<p>--Freshman GPA: 2.5
--Sophomore GPA :3.0
--Junior GPA 1st semester 2.8 2nd semester projected GPA: 3.4</p>

<p>And the reason why my Projected GPA is quite a bit higher, is because I would typically get C's and D's in math. And this time I was smart enough to take algebra II over the summer. And expect a B, based on other people I know that have taken it then.
My 2nd semester projected score is also based on what I had third quarter, and where I believe I will end the semester at.</p>

<p>So what could I do about the low GPA, when applying to college?</p>

<p>i say u explain it. just a bit. plus your coming up, and colleges consider potential. i think u have a great chance to get into a collge, so dont apply for the McDonalds job just yet</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice crumflake. But I'll most likely be applying to state colleges, which really don't look at essays, and other stuff beyond grades. Should I add it anyways, perhaps write an essay on how I've helped out the community?</p>

<p>Guy - State colleges are totally stat driven. You need to look into a better college that will look at your trends and potential and LOOK at the essay you write and see that you're a better person and student than your grades reflect.</p>

<p>yeah, states will want hard facts, I think you need to look more towards smaller, liberal-arts type colleges, not hype colleges. Although there are states that I would not count yourself out on. What state are you talking about for school?</p>

<p>Also, could you name what schools?</p>

<p>You could look at states with lower min. standards, the UT's ( asside from Austin and a few others) are a good bet. Look through your college books for the highest acceptance rates of state schools in areas your interested in, also-scoring well on the standard's will gain some edge with public universities.</p>

<p>Test Scores are like...??</p>

<p>Indiana University, University of Iowa, Purdue University.</p>

<p>20 ACT, though it should increase, because im studying for this one. Already studying 30min day, 5days week. Take it in June.</p>