I’m currently a senior at a nationally ranked high school.

My unweighted GPA is a 3.33, but I have taken throughout 4 years at my school I had taken 7 APs and 7 Honors courses, which is much more than the average student and more than most of the top students at my school.
My SAT superscored is a 2300 and a 1500 with math and reading.

My ECs are alright:
MUN for 4 years and current captain
Started a charity club in freshman year
Organized a yearly art exhibit at community center, celebrating culture
Won an international science competition
Won official state science competition
I’ve been involved with a ton of interning at hospitals and met with physicians, etc
JV tennis junior year (didnt think I’d make it lol)- probably doesn’t hold a lot of weight
Editor of school newspaper

What would my chances be at Brown, JHU, NYU, Emory, Tufts (brother attended), UChicago, UMich, WashU, Vanderbilt

Math II: 770
Bio E: 750
Proficient Sitar Player- have been playing for 4 years


I have some bad news for you: all those schools are high reaches with your current GPA. They have their pick of kids in the 3.8+ and 3.9+ buckets, so a 3.33 is only going to pass muster if you’re a recruited athlete.

You need to look into some less selective schools and make sure you have a safety or two.

Even if we consider your HS is very competitive and your GPA will be considered like a 3.5, I’m afraid all of those are high reaches because the GPA is just too low. Pick 2-3 you really like in that list and do the application once you’re done with the others.
What are your targets and likelies/safeties?
What’s instate for you and what’s your parents’ budget?

What about University of Washington?
Also, would even NYU/UMich be a reach?
Would my sibling going to Tufts count for anything?

No, your sibling going to Tufts would not count for anything.
Yes, NYU and UMich would be a reach (you might get in, but not likely). They’d want a 3.5 UW at the very least.
At NYU, average GPA is 3.7 and yours would be in the bottom 15% (most of which would have a hook or a compelling reason). A UMich, average GPA is above 3.8 and yours would be in the bottom 3-4%.
UWashington = can your parents pay 50K out of pocket?
Their average GPA is 3.75 but they admit by major so you may have a shot atArts & Science, Built Environments, Environment, Education. It remains a reach.

What are your targets and likelies/safeties?
What’s instate for you and what’s your parents’ budget?

On my school’s Naviance, it says that the average accepted for NYU and UMich are around 3.5’s. I was wondering if that made my chances any better. And my parents would be willing to pay 50k if needed. I was thinking of target/safety as Case Western and UMass Amherst, as both of these have average accepted GPAs of about 3.3 to 3.4 from my school specifically.
I didn’t mention this earlier, but my school doesn’t do weighted GPA, but through my own calculations, my weighted GPA would be around a 3.94

Case Western would also be a low reach, NOT a safety/match.

You asked for your chances in this thread but you don’t seem willing to accept the responses that you are getting.

Case Western would be a low reach in this case and UMass would be a low match.
If Naviance states about 3.5 for matches at NYU, it means NYU is a reach.
Miami Ohio would be a safety, as would be UAlabama Honors (they use weighted GPA and you’re above the 3.5 threshold for Honors).
Wooster, Earlham, Allegheny have smart kids who somehow didn’t quite achieve as high as they could have. They’d be safeties for you.
St Olaf, Rhodes, Dickinson would be other matches, all very strong in the sciences.
All six would require you demonstrate interest by filling out the “request info” questionnaire and clicking on every email they send.