Low income student at Conn

Hi guys,
So I come from a low income family (under 50k/year) and am very interested in Conn, I loved my interview and loved everything about it, from its connections curriculum, how accepting it is to the internship program and just the beautiful campus from what I have heard.

However, as a low income student I am worried if I will fit in the social life because it seems like a lot of Conn students are very wealthy.
Do students from low income families have a hard time fitting in at Conn (due to other students spending a lot of money on weekends etc), and will one’s income status make a difference in their social life?

Also, how preppy in Conn college and how friendly are the students, what is the vibe like?

Thank you for your help!

My daughter is at Conn and loves it. Based on her peer group, I wouldn’t say that the school is preppy. She has a lot of international friends. Regarding wealth, there are some students who appear to come from money, but many don’t, and many are on financial aid. The thing I love about this school is that the students are so nice and friendly. I can’t say that for some of the other schools that we visited. As a parent, I’m not familiar with the social life, but I do know that Conn encourages students to stay on campus so there are planned activities on campus. I don’t think the students are spending a lot of time or money off campus. good luck

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