Low math grades- how are they viewed?

<p>For as long as I can recall, I have been horrible at all forms of math. Consistently throughout my high school career my math grades have hovered on that little space in between 75 and 65, with the exception of one term that I managed to score an 88- the subject matter was entirely basic geometry proofs. This culminates in a not very attractive 73.29 in the mathematics section of my transcript. My other grades are extremely high in comparison-I've always had a knack for the humanities. my overall transcript average is a 90.24 and i expect it to go up as my round of weighted aps come into play by the end of this term (ill be a senior next year) but, how much will my math grades harm me in admissions?</p>

<p>Sat (first try, will retake- 1920, 690 reading and writing, 540 math, 12 on the essay)</p>

<p>Tons of extracurricular activities (cultural club, environmental volunteer work, internship with a major museum, classes at major museum, classes at the art students league and (hopefully) metropolitan, red cross club, arista, and possibly a field bio internship my senior year, envirothon team this year and next, college now at a community college (eng 101) )</p>

<p>Ive taken challenging courses (3 aps my junior year, 94 in apush, 98 in ap eng language, 98 in environmental science) i plan to continue that my senior year</p>

<p>I'm sure ill be able to provide excellent rec's, and i can write a decent admissions essay.</p>

<p>Still it does eat at me- a 50 on a math B regents + poor math grades= i know it will harm me, but just how badly? say i wanted to apply to a school with a strong design or environmental studies program (im thinking of pursuing sustainable design).
Will an admissions officer see everything else, look at the math, and that will be the deciding factor?
Thanks for your time</p>