Low Organic Chem grade

<p>I've received A- for the first part of Organic Chem but received C on the second part. Apparently this is the only class that I got C in and every other courses are in B and A range. Does this already mean that I have lost the shot at getting into med school? I've been hearing that med school will immediately reject you if you have C...</p>

<p>If retaking the course is available in my school, should I retake it and somehow pull an A or A-?</p>

<p>Was it a lack of studying that merited your C? Or, did you have an easy professor for the first part of the sequence, or? </p>

<p>Nope, you definitely still have a shot, but a C on your application will certainly be a blemish. However, Organic 2 is a fairly difficult course, so it's understandable to that extent.</p>