Low SAT but high college gpa?

So I got a 1000 SAT in high school but my college gpa so far is a 4.0. What does this mean? I thought having a 1000 meant I won’t succeed, but can I even transfer to any top schools with my scores? Because I know some schools still require SAT scores regardless of how far you are in college.

You’re a transfer student with a 4.0. Colleges will care about your current GPA because it shows you can succeed at college. Your SAT is irrelevant now, for the most part. If you’re worried about it, you can apply to colleges that don’t ask for a test score, or where it’s optional.

BTW, it’s a myth that you can’t succeed in college with a low test score. That’s why there are so many test-optional colleges now.

SAT scores are correlated with success, but it’s not a 1.0 correlation. HS grades are a better indicator, and recent college grades are a much, much better indicator when you’re already in college looking to transfer.

Your old SAT will only be minimally relevant, especially if you are a Sophomore or later.

And fwiw, 1000 is pretty much dead center of “nationally representative sample” performance - I.e., everyone. And in that range it has a relatively broad standard deviation in terms of percentiles. I don’t know why anyone would think it means “ I won’t succeed”. (Unless they read CC and think it represents reality).

If you will be transferring as a junior with three semesters of college work with a 4.0 GPA, that will be much more important than your high school record and test scores to colleges you want to transfer to. College record is a better predictor of future college performance than high school record or test scores.

However, if you will be transferring as a sophomore with only one semester of college work, your high school record and test scores could still be important because you do not have much college record.