Low SAT Physics; How Much of Negative Impact.

<p>Hello, all.</p>

<p>Blurb: I'm pretty much addicted to this forum, and find all the answers I need without posting. However, seeing as my situation is more unique, I'd like the opinion of students and parents on this issue.</p>

<p>I am applying to MIT, Cornell, Columbia, Harvey Mudd, and Carnegie Mellon (safeties not included) with the following:</p>

<p>Hispanic, 4.0 UWGPA, 2220 SAT (730 M, 740R, 750W), 31 ACT (31M, 31S, 34Eng, 28R).</p>

<p>I come from a minority high school in the DC Metro area, so I've had to hold myself accountable to make sure I can gain admissions into prestigious colleges. Scores like mine at my high school are unheard of.</p>

<p>But anyways, I think my track record is solid. But, however, I fall short when it comes to the SAT Subject tests. I took Physics in June '11 and received a 530. I took Math II this past Sat. and expect at least a 700 (I studied more). I know Physics is a low score, and I have only myself to blame. My Physics class (Jr. yr) did not cover over half of the content on the exam, and my AP Physics BC class (Sr. yr) does not get as far as I need it to raise my score. I knew I needed the score as early as April. It's just too much for me to learn on my own.</p>

<p>I have two days to decide whether I should retake the exam. Keeping in mind my other statistics, should I just take the L with the Physics? Or should I try my luck again?</p>

<p>Also, how significantly would my chances be diminished by this?</p>

<p>I think you should definitely take it again, this time studying independently more of what you did not learn in classroom. There is not much to lose besides $30 and some time.</p>

<p>I'm trying to weigh the time required to take it again compared to the actual disadvantage at which the current score will put me. In your opinion, how bad is the score? :/.</p>

<p>Thank you for responding to my post, by the way.</p>

<p>you could try a different sat2. i don't think your physics score alone will doom your chances.</p>

<p>Yes, the physics score will hurt your chances, but not doom them. Take it again. The 31s in Math and science will also hurt quite a bit at MIT and Harvey Mudd.</p>

<p>How significantly will it hurt my chances?</p>

<p>I'm considering taking it again in either December or January. I'm fairly confident my scores can be sent as late as January, and I'll have two months to study.</p>

<p>But, then again, I also want to get over standardized testing. I'm not sure if I'll have enough time (or dedication) to devote to studying. Like I said, I don't know over half of the material. I have one day to decide this. D:.</p>

<p>Your math and science scores everywehere will hurt you. I recommend getting either your SAT math up to 750, your ACT math and science to at least 34, and your physics SAT up to 700+. Even as a hispanic, you still need outstanding test scores for MIT and Harvey mudd. You're fine for Cornell and Carnegie mellon, although your physics could hurt you a little bit. 530 is really low. But if you did good in the class, then maybe not so much. Or f you got a 5 on the AP physics exam.</p>

<p>Looking at your test scores, it seems like you should send your SAT rather than ACT, which means you need 2 Subject tests. For the level of schools you've listed, a score in the 500s is pretty low, particularly since it looks like you're heading for a science/math field. You have a lot going for you otherwise, seems like it would be worthwhile to either retake Physics or take another Subject test that you think you can do well in.</p>

<p>If you haven't already, check out the Hispanic Students subforum (College Admissions, Specialty Topics). The Resources sticky thread has lots of good information on scholarships, diversity weekend fly-ins, etc.</p>

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But if you did good in the class, then maybe not so much.


<p>Except that it sounds like the OP comes from an underserved HS in DC, so adcoms will want to see Subject test and AP scores to confirm that they mastered the material. You have a go point about the AP test; OP what was your score on it?</p>

<p>I will send my SAT scores to all institutions. Although I have sent the ACT to my top schools, I hope that the SAT will overshadow it. I do not think taking the ACT will benefit me any further.</p>

<p>I'm considering taking Biology, but I'm not sure it's accepted at all schools.</p>

<p>I am taking AP Physics BC this school year. I took Physics last school year. The under-served HS assumption is correct.</p>

<p>I am also heading into Computer Science. Applying to SCS at CMU, Fu Foundation at Columbia, Comp. Sci at Cornell.</p>

<p>Thank you for the tip, entomom! I will be investigating the forum shortly.</p>

<p>I see, you didn't have AP Physics when you took the Subject test.</p>

<p>Usually the Bio Subject test is fine, but since you're looking at CS, you know better than me if those schools have specific requirements.</p>

<p>I think it's also possible that, coming from an inner city HS, the ad-coms will cut you some slack on the subject tests.</p>

<p>I don't think one low score is going to keep you from being admitted anywhere. If the schools don't require particular subject tests, I'd take whatever you think you can do the best in. </p>

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p>Thank you ALL for your valuable input.</p>

<p>I have decided to <em>not</em> retake the SAT Physics subject test. Even if my chances will be hurt, my time would be better spent devoting more attention to college essays. And, if the college still doesn't find me suitable, then it's their loss.</p>

<p>Again, thank you all!</p>