Low scores gonna hurt?

my sat is 1490-800m/690v
and my sat2s are as follows right now-

im thinking i got the following scores on the sat2s i took in october-

how much will this hurt me? a lot???..they say that theyll only look at your top 3 scores but how true is that?

<p>usually top 3 scores are considered but they see them all.</p>

<p>If you're going into engineering, I doubt your writing score will be a significant detriment. Even if you are not thinking about engineering, 660 isn't all that bad.</p>

<p>well i plan on majoring in math with a prelaw or premed track. BUT im applying to mainly LACs.</p>

<p>well what school are you exactly thinking of? They are low for some but good enough for others.</p>

<p>uhhhh.......pomona, amherst, dartmouth, rice, uchicago, carleton, colgate, grinnell, union</p>

<p>anyone else have any opinions? aka bump?</p>