Low stats, can I get into Emory, Carnegie Mellon, WashU, or UW?

I’m insanely stressed right now, to say the least (I cancelled my ACT scores mid-test because I literally could not think at all??).

I consider Emory, CMU, and WashU to be my extreme reach schools, and UW as my semi-safety (although I’m not even sure about that). I need a bit of input about my chances, though, because they seem a bit… low.

ACT: 29
SAT: 1300 (I just took it again, though, and I feel like I did better. If I didn’t, I won’t submit SAT scores.)
GPA: 3.75 (UW), 3.95 (W)
No SAT Subject Tests

(3.5) One C in my Freshman year, no APs
(3.8) Sophomore year, I took APUSH (3 :frowning: ), which was the only available AP
(4.4) Junior year, AP Lang (4), AP Seminar (4), AP World (4)
(4.4, currently) Senior year, AP Lit, AP Research, AP Psychology

AP Scholar w/ Honors, Candidate for the AP Capstone Diploma, NHS, and Presidential List (for my school)

From Hawaii, USA

I’m the secretary of both the Debate Council and the Art Club (where I’m also a founding member). Korean Club officer in 9-10th. Internship at a cultural gallery at the University of Hawaii, job teaching Hebrew for 3 years, and a selective summer program on Yale campus. Some volunteer experience.

Best of luck to any other CO19 kids, and thank you so much for any input. I really, really do appreciate it.

What do you want to major in? For CMU non CS and non engineering , might help I do think being from Hawaii will sorta help you. But those all are all super reach schools. Can you afford them all , or will you need aide. ? yes, you will need to get test scores up unfortunately. Have you thought about test optional schools? what about GW?

You can afford all of these schools?

The testing is definitely my main concern, thank you for the reaffirmations! I will not be applying for aide. I’m not sure whether I have enough time to get my scores up, which puts me in a bit of a tight spot. If nothing else, UW is not a bad school (And it just about seems like that’s where I’m going :’) ). Thanks again. <3

Oh, sorry, also! I want to major in Anthropology (So, the college of Arts and Sciences/Humanities).

Hawaii-Manoa would be your match/semi-safety. Standardized test scores are on the low side, even for U-Dub.

@Hamurtle Definitely applying to UH – no doubt I’ll get in there. I really, really wanna avoid going to college in Hawaii, though, because I know I’ll end up never leaving. I know UW’s standards are a great deal higher for out-of-state, so I’m hoping I’m able to raise my SAT score. I’m on track for a 4.4 for the semester as well, although I’m not sure it’ll help. Thank you for your input!