Low Stats, Tips for Applying

Does anybody have any tips and tricks for applying to the University of Michigan? I really don’t think my stats are high enough but I want to go there so badly.

What is your unweighted GPA and other stats that you might have? Let’s start there. Also what is the highest math/ science you took and your intended major? .

My unweighted GPA is a 3.8 and I am planning to take the ACT this year. I also only have one AP so far which I received a 4 and I am taking 3 AP’s this year. (I’m only a junior)

Keep doing what your doing then. Do things you like to do. Join clubs etc for 2-4 years. Be creative this year since you will be limited due to CV. But this is an advantage to shine and separate yourself. Write a great essay. Research Michigan. Talk to professors or department heads. Know their moto and schools mission statement. It’s High school during a trying time. Have some fun.

Does anyone know whether I can submit an additional letter of recommendation (other than my teacher/counselor)? One of my bosses would like to submit one and its relevant to my major. And if I can, does he send it directly or do get a signed copy from him and submit it? Thanks!

Email /call your academic advisor at Michigan and ask. I think this year they want things like this.