Low Stats-top School??

<p>Just read a thread where someone said a girl got into UCLA with a 1500/2400 SAT! What other wild and crazy stories have you guys heard similar to this one. One boy from my school got into Vanderbilt with a 21 ACT.</p>

<p>my friend got into MIT with a 87% average, but he is a URM which is black</p>

<p>black is not always URM</p>

<p>in the past couple of years, there have been several students at my school who got into upenn with a 580 cr score</p>

<p>Why do so many people on CC care about such trivial facts. Yes, people get in with lower than average scores. How can you immediately judge an applicant just because of their SAT score? Maybe that 1500 into UCLA did a lot for their community. The kid who got into Stanford with a 1700 had an EC list that would beat 99% of people on CC. So, please just stop judging people so much based on only SAT scores. </p>

<p>But, how else am I supposed to judge someone, since we go to different schools? The SAT makes us all equal, therefore it is what MUST be used. I understand that, but seriously, people get angry that they didnt get in but someone with a lower score did. Remember, that your SAT score isn't the only thing in the process. There are grades, essays, recommendations (in most cases), rank, and EC's. So, the SAT is NOT the top determining factor. </p>

<p>Most of the time, you have to have an SAT which is in the school's range. Whether that is close to the 25th percentile or above the 75th percentile. There are occasional variables to this processs. Thus, a UCLA 1500 or a Stanford 1700 do come along now and then. You can't decide true success based upon psychometric testing. Richard Feynman (the legendary physicist) only got a 123 on his IQ test. I got a 125! Does that mean that I am smarter than Richard Feynman? Hell no, not even close. Your IQ means little when it comes to creativity and other topics. Some people just can't do tests as well as others. FACT.</p>

<p>^ Words of wisdom right there.</p>

<p>METFAN power to you i agree with you. I have low stats LOL. I made this thread to hear encouraging words LOL. I have amazing ECs and other stuff like you said so I will see!</p>

<p>It's nice to hear some words of intelligence from someone on CC for a change.</p>

<p>Metfan pretty much covers it.</p>

<p>okay, now i feel guilty</p>

<p>I think the biggest problem on CC is that everyone bases everything on SAT scores, cause that is really the only thing we can relate to by being complete strangers. Its hard to imagine someone's complete application. Even though someone got a 700+ on the SAT writing, that does not mean that they will write a COMPELLING essay. They will write a grammatically correct essay which has proper rhetoric, but will it catch your attention. That alone is another variable no one can see. Oh, yeah, and listing EC's doesn't work. Just read this. This is what I wrote for one of my EC things about playing guitar. First I will show you the "list format" then I will show u the short response.</p>

<p>EC List: Playing Guitar (7 hrs/wk, 52 wks/yr, since 8th grade or 4+ years)</p>

<p>Not very passionate, ehh? Now, read this:</p>

<p>Playing the guitar has changed my life. Before I started playing guitar in the eighth grade, I found it hard for me to connect to the world and to people in general. Yet, through time, I have seen a change in my confidence level and social ability within my environment. Now, when I first meet someone I usually ask them what type of music they like. This allows me to connect to people and experience new things. Yet, guitar has been more than just a conversation piece. To me, guitar is that first power chord on a Saturday morning. It's the perfect arpeggio sequence, or a late night compositional session. Guitar is that loss of time and euphoria surrounding a jam session with your friends. It is the melody, the harmony, and the rhythm of my life. Guitar is my voice. Guitar is my art. Guitar is my passion.</p>

<p>That is the variable you cannot predict from reading a EC list.</p>