Low UC or CSU? PLease Help

<p>Class of 2014
Race: Asian -_____-"
Gpa: 3.0 ~ ish
ACT: 19 (retaking in fall) (someone please help me D:)
of course 19 is better?.. right
Major: COmputer Science</p>

<p>EC: lots of hobbies that helped school and class, 100+ community service.
Taken college 4 college classes. 2 related to computer science. </p>

Can i get into UC Santa CRUZ, IIT, UCM, UCR, Cal Poly SLO CP Panoma or any other (that are higher)?
What CSU can i get into? Chance? Is it possible that i won't get into CSU?
What School is good for computer science that i can get in?
What are some good out of state school i can get in for CS?
SJSU vs. UCR or UCM or UC santa cruz for computer science what's better? </p>


<p>Your chances at the UC’s are really slim, you might get into the lower CSU’s though but only if you’re lucky, your GPA is baseline, your SAT is way below average, ACT is okay for CSU and computer science is an impacted major.</p>

<p>Cal Poly SLO and Pamona and UCSC, UCR are out of reach. </p>

<p>Be sure to apply to SJSU for computer science, it’s a really good school and in my opinion underrated, not because I live 20 miles from it.</p>

<p>If you want to go to a more prestigious school, keep your college GPA high (3.5+) and transfer.</p>

<p>Thanks, would you say that SJSU is better than Cal poly SLO for computer science?</p>

<p>Is your 1280 sat reading and math? Or total? </p>

<p>What is your gpa for 10th and 11th year? Both weighted and unweighted. </p>

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<p>1280 total.
10th about sems1: 2.6 sems2 3.2 no weight
11th 1st sems uw: 3.3 w:3.5 2nd sems: uw: 3.166 w: 3.3</p>

<p>Ok, well then, what is Math SAT and Reading SAT? This is what you need to focus on over the summer. I don’t know that you have enough time to increase your GPA, but the CSU schools only look at 10th and 11th, 12th grades.</p>

<p>Figure out your weighted GPA for 10th and 11th, 12th grades, based on your previous post, perhaps a 3.1? </p>

<p>I pulled up some scattergrams from my son’s school and the ave acceptance for some are as follows (math and reading SAT):</p>

<p>Fullerton, 3.48/1112
CP Pomona 3.62/1167
UCR 3.73/1225</p>

<p>This should give you an idea.</p>