low ugrad gpa, getting M.S. before applying to MBA can be helpful?

<p>I don't have a strong ugrad GPA
I want to be competitive for top MBA admission when I apply in a few years. I am building the work experience but would gaining a M.S. degree with good grades improve my admission chances? I want to prove that I'm capable academically. I don't want my undergraduate grades to haunt me forever
I plan to complete my M.S while working at a nearby well recognized university and leverage this graduate degree to jump into a better position and to an industry of my interest</p>

<p>Well it will definitely not hurt you. I don't really know much to give you solid advice, but doing well with your MS degree should definitely help you.</p>

<p>Should help, I don't see why not.</p>

<p>I agree that it should be helpful. If you can craft a good story as to why you did poorly in college and then show that you can do well in a masters program I think it would go far indeed.</p>

<p>Business schools have a pretty wide range of undergrad gpas. i wouldn't worry about it too much and just focus on having a good story/great work experience.</p>