Low Weighted GPA

<p>I was wondering if I still have a chance at top schools with a weighted GPA that isn't as high as expected for ivies. For one year I moved out of state to a school with less weighted courses offered, but I just moved back to my old school. My unweighted GPA is 3.93 and weighted is 4.4. I know they are pretty good but for the ivy league everyone has at least a 4.5. Also, my class rank will be significantly lower because of this. I know there are many more factors but I do not have great ECs and academics are the strength of my application. Would the admissions consider my situation and would i still have a good chance?</p>


<p>You aren't at the ideal level but if your application is good overall there's no reason it cant be done. Honestly nobody is a definite at an ivy as far as I'm concerned.</p>

<p>by the way, I'm no expert, just giving my thoughts.</p>