Low writing scores for UPenn

<p>I've taken the SAT II writing test twice now and my scores have been 610 and 600. I wasn't born in the United States so my counselor thinks it should be fine for my English skills to be a little weaker than other applicants. My test scores in other areas are: 700 Math IIC, 740 Bio, 680 Math I, 660 Verbal. Also, I have always gotten A's in English (honors) class. I'm applying to UPenn early decision, do you guys think it will be a big problem? Big as in bad enough to get me rejected on that alone.</p>

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<p>well, i'm sure they will be a little more lenient, but how much depends on how many years you've been here. For example, if you have immigrated to the US only for a few years (like three or four), then it won't be a killer, but if you've been here for like 10 years, I think they would expect a little more.</p>