Lower class/Middle class/Upper class

<p>What classifies as lower class/middle class/upper class? I mean specifically what income ranges demarcates these 3 social classes?</p>

<p>uh...the more money you have, the higher up you are; in terms of class.
minimum wage is lower class.
a multi million dollar corporation is upper class.
anything inbetween in is middle class.</p>

<p>I personally, dislike the whole classification of people according to their income. But I wouldn't mind being classified as upper lol.</p>

<p>okay, I really need to ask this question.
Why is talking about social class so taboo in the US?
The people I know are very well aware of their social class and don't feel awkward or whatever talking about it.
I was just wondering...and since there was not a single reply to this thread...</p>

<p>Probably not alot of answers because it's really not a question worth answering. If you truly want a measure check with what the government considers these levels to be.</p>

<p>this thread wasn't why I was wondering, I've met alot of Americans and they just try avoid the subject altogether.</p>

<p>Um, I already checked before posting this thread but the information I got was really vague. I asked this question to know what colleges would consider low income or upper class.</p>

<p>did you get an answer lol :D</p>


<p>It might vary by college, but I would guess they would use government standards as a base to have an independent third party come up with the number. That way they are protecting themselves from legal actions. Maybe look at FASFA or something. Are you trying to see where your situation fits?</p>