Lower GPA, High SAT. Will high TEAS score increase chances @ Accelerated BSN program?

<p>Hi, I was wondering if anyone here would have any words of encouragement or some advice for my situation. I'm currently a senior in college, expecting to graduate in December. I am attempting to go to Nursing school, applying for the Accelerated BSN program. The problem is that the school I'm wanting to attend has a minimum gpa requirement of 2.8 and I have a 2.5. There are 2 more prereq's that I can take, which may raise my gpa only a little. And for the record, I am by no means a stupid person, just kind of slacked off Freshman year and killed my gpa. I made a complete turn-around since and have made much better grades. I am capable of the work, and have letters that say just that. Does anyone think that if I score high on the TEAS and maybe retake a science for a better grade, in combination with my very high SAT scores and recommendation letters, that I could still get into this program? (I'm in Georgia, by the way).....Thanks for any help.</p>