Lower Level ISEE Prep

Can anybody help me find old "What to expect from the ISEE" booklets? We have ordered the 2004-2005 edition, but I would like to check previous editions for addtional sample questions. I have googled/e-bayed it every which way to no avail.
My D is scheduled to take the exam and I am beginning to freak a little.
Thank you very much for any infromation.</p>

<p>have you tried contacting the ERB directly? they may be able to send you test copies from previous years. i took the ISEE-upper level in 10th grade and found the test level difficult. the curve was also harsh, since test-takers tended to be motivated private school kids.</p>

<p>Barnes and nobel has some books. My kids bought one and read it for few hours to get familar with test. Good luck</p>

<p>Thank you. I also got some books (Kaplan etc.), but I am interested in the sample questions put out by the people making up the test.</p>

<p>What is the publication date of your "What to expect..." book? I don't think they publish a new book all that often. The book we ordered from the ERB in 2002 has a 1999 publication date.</p>

<p>We did not get the booklet yet, but understand that it is still the one first published in 1999.</p>

<p>Yes. ERB does not provide old exams. The only sample questions are in the booklet they publish. Since they have not changed it since 1999, I would need the booklet from 1998 or before.</p>

<p>"How to Prepare for the SSAT/ISEE" It was printed when they only gave middle and upper level exams. My ds practiced with the middle school exams but took the lower school test last fall. If you are interested, I would be happy to copy the 2 middle school exams in the book and mail them to you. If interested e-mail me with you address.</p>