Lower level vs upper division

Can advance upper division course be satified for the same course giving at a lower division level.

I think it will depend on the college and maybe the department

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If they say you need 12 credits at 300 and 400 etc then likely not. But again as noted by @Educatormum you need to talk to your academic advisor.

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Ethical hacking is the only course I need to complete the a.s degree program at spc.

The class got filled fast and I went on for another alternative to take advance ethical hacking 1 at another college.

Now I’m waiting for a waiver from the administration to approve it. Finger crossed

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This seems very specific to your college. See an academic advisor at your school.


Yeahhhhh in waiting mode. I just want to see if someone else had deal that situation.

Please provide more context. This question is impossible to answer without it.

ETA…I see you did above. You will just have to wait and see the answer at your college.