Lower secondary examination results?

I am an international student and I’m not familiar with these terms:

  1. In the Common App’s school report that my counselor works on, a transcript is the final results from my 9-12 grades, correct?

  2. I’m not sure what lower secondary examinations are… are those the results of my first semester of 12th grade? or my 9-11 results? please tell me what to include here…

Please respond fast it’s urgent I’m applying EA!

I don’t know what “lower secondary exams” are either. Where does this appear and what is the exact wording?

Yes, a transcript is a report on your individual coursework and grades. It lists all courses you’ve taken 9th grade to present, and the grades received in each.

it appears in the School Report that my counselor should fill, in the International School tab. it says this:

“Please upload an official copy of this student’s lower secondary examination results. If the student has already taken senior secondary leaving exams, please include an official copy of the results. If this applicant’s senior secondary leaving exam results are not yet available, please indicate predicted results.*”

I’ve never heard of it, but here’s a previous answer - https://talk.collegeconfidential.com/common-coalition-application/1013017-what-are-lower-secondary-examination-results.html

It sounds like a generic term for standard placement/exit exams from secondary schools (high school equivalent).