Lowering Cost at Mizzou

Hi! I am an incoming freshman at the University of Missouri (Mizzou!!). Does anybody know of any scholarships at Mizzou received by incoming freshman other than merit scholarships? I have already received the George C. Brooks Scholarship and the Discovery Fellows Scholarship! I was also wondering if anybody has any details on the Chancellor’s Leadership Class? It seems like a good class on paper but there are so few students accepted into the class that I have yet to hear of any experiences from that class. Thank you :smiley:

Hello! I’m an incoming freshman, too! I highly suggest that you join the Facebook group “Official Mizzou Class of 2024” because it has a lot to offer! (For example, I recently made a post about the Chancellor’s Leadership Class with a bunch of info contributed by fellow group members!) I’ve personally heard more good things than bad about the class. Check out these sites for a bit more info:

As for the scholarships, try checking into local scholarships. Many have little competition, and you most likely have a good shot at getting them!

Can you advise on the George C. Brooks interview experience? This year my daughter is virtually doing the interview and looking for some advice? Thx